Programme Fabrication du papier à PaperWeek Hybride 2024

Nouvelles des événements
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Le programme Fabrication du papier comprendra 5 sessions, incluant 3 sessions en présentiel au Fairmont Le Reine Elizabeth à Montréal les mardi et mercredi 6 et 7 février 2024.

pwc 20dec23SESSION 1, Lundi 5 février, 10:00 ET- Innovations in Paper Chemistry

10:00 “Enzymatic treatments and opportunities for mechanical pulps”, James Luo & Frank Whitley, Solenis
10:20 “Sustainability & Renewable performance technologies”, Adam Tonzi, Kemira
10:40 “Minimizing fresh water consumption by maximizing reuse”, Pascal Morin, Kemira
11:00 “Amphoteric Dry Strength”, Przem Pruszynski, Pruszynski Paper Chemistry and ARAKAWA

SESSION 2, Mardi 6 février, 10:30 ET- New Product Development Roundtable (Présentiel & MSTeams)

10:30 “Opening overview of the challenges and opportunities with barrier solutions”, Przem Pruszynski, Pruzynski Paper Chemistry
10:45 “TBA”, Jouni Martiskainen, Paper Excellence
11:00 “TBA”, Solie Kilpie, AFRY
11:15 “Developing TMP-based Papers for Food Packaging and Wraps”, Tony Manfred, FPInnovations
11:30 “Improvement of Barrier Properties through the Addition of Cellulose Filaments to the Base Sheet”, François Drolet, FPInnovations
11:45 Roundtable Discussion

SESSION 3, Mardi 6 février, 15:30 ET- Advances in Papermaking Technology - I (Présentiel & MSTeams)

15:30 “Data Integration and Analytics for PaperWeb Inspection”, Pete Angle, Valmet
16:00 “New Application of LWR Cameras in Paper Machine Operations”, Slawek Frackowiak, Industrial Video Solutions
16:30 “Utilizing Turbo Exhaust Heat for Energy Recovery in Papermaking Industry”, Don Whybro, Enerquin

SESSION 4, Mercredi 7 février, 10:30 ET- Advances in Papermaking Technology - II (Présentiel & MSTeams)

10:30 “Closing the Draw between Press & Dryer Section of a Paper Machine”, Petteri Halme, Valmet
10:50 “An Early Felt Runoff Alarming Strategy”, Nick Stabler, Pneu-Logic
11:10 “Increase Fabrics Cleaning Effectiveness with Reduced Water and Energy ”, Alex Mariano & Ludovic Veyre, Kadant
11:30 “Increase Drying Capacity with Steel Dryers and high-pressure Rotary Joints”, Mike Soucy, Kadant

SESSION 5, Jeudi 8 février, 10:00 ET- Papermaking AI & Process Control

10:00 “Quality & Cost Optimization with AI-enabled Refiner Operations - an example of a machine learning approach of optimization of the papermaking process”, P.N. Arjunan, HABER & Przem Pruszynski, Pruszynki Paper Chemistry
10:30 “Process Evaluation & Optimization using TAPPI Tip 0404-47”, Daniel Boren, Valmet
11:00 “Smart Connected Technologies”, TBA


Source : PAPTAC